Simone Jo Moore on How Flow Science Impacts Mental Health and Productivity

Celeste Mottesi November 22, 2022
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There's nothing like "being in the zone." You feel powerful, capable of anything – it might be the closest we can be to being a superhero. However, reaching that state is complex and limited. But what if we told you that Flow Science could help you and your team achieve it healthily?

On episode 23 of Ticket Volume, our IT podcast, Simone Jo Moore – self-defined as a "framework mixologist," renowned author and coauthor guiding organizations and individuals in adopting a "Humanising IT" perspective – discussed with host and InvGate Product Specialist Matt Beran how Flow Science can impact mental health and productivity.

She provided some fresh ideas to look at work more healthily and efficiently, as well as some tips for entering the flow zone without overstaying our welcome. But that's not all! She also talked about VeriSM, VUCA, and more!

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Finding the "it" factor

Before getting into Flow Science, Moore talked a bit about VeriSM and how the VeriSM Mesh, in particular, helps bring all the different ITSM frameworks into the organization. Being a "framework mixologist," she highlighted the benefits of combining what works from each of them in the context of a particular business and benefitting from the merge. 

What lies behind this is the notion of finding the "it" factor, that one thing that differentiates people and that helps them think about work differently. And for her, that is a very human element. However, people tend to get distracted by what Paul Wilkinson calls "The new shiny thing," thus losing the sense of curiosity within what already exists.



"In the things that we do, there's no perfect process; there's no perfect flow as such. There will be junctions we come across, and we go, 'Oh my God, how do I get around that?'

And sometimes, it's not getting around it. Sometimes, it's getting over it, under it, through it."

Simone Jo Moore
Episode 23 of Ticket Volume


How Flow Science impacts mental health and productivity

In line with no perfect flow, the guest explained that there's always an ebb and flow in everything, including nature and human beings. And the key is in recognizing what that flow is and making the most of your energy while in it.

With this in mind, Moore incorporated the concept of Flow Science into her work programs to help her team get into the zone.

Flow Science is all about being fully immersed in an activity and experiencing deep enjoyment while doing it. However, that state of mind is limited, and we need to make the most of it while we can and let ourselves rest after it's gone.




"The wear-tear-rest-repair cycle is important for getting into a flow state. It involves starting work, tearing into our system, and shifting from conscious to subconscious processing. The rest phase lets us relax and get into the zone more easily."

Simone Jo Moore
Episode 23 of Ticket Volume


But we must be careful no matter how badly we want to be in a flow state. The guest explained that while necessary, it can also lead to burnout if not appropriately managed. In particular, you need to remember the following:

  • Being in a state of flow means being at ease and feeling balanced.
  • Burnout happens when we are dis-eased or dis-at-ease for too long.
  • We need to be aware of our energy levels and take breaks when needed to avoid burnout.

Using Flow Science to Humanize IT

For Moore, understanding the flow state can help us humanize IT by adapting management styles, teams, and organizations. In addition, it's a clever way to build empathic leadership – something critical in today's world that "has always been important; it just hasn't had the focus that it's started to get in the last few years."

And part of adapting consists of recognizing that wear and tear cycles vary from person to person – thus, they can range from an entire shift to little circles throughout the day. So, leaders and people must understand individual boundaries and capabilities to avoid burnout in team members.

In conclusion

This is just a short recap of Ticket Volume's 23rd episode with Simone Jo Moore, but there's much more on the recording! So, catch up on the full chat with InvGate Product Specialist Matt Beran to learn more about how Flow Science can help you be an effective leader – and a better worker, too!

You can find the full episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, or your favorite podcast platform. And remember to subscribe if you want to be a part of the monthly live recordings! 

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