Case Study: Improving NPS Indicators with Audit-Ready Processes for Lending Institution

InvGate September 28, 2022
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With 400,000 clients, EfectivoSí is a leading financial services company in Argentina focused on satisfying the needs of the unbanked sector of the population. Due to the nature of the financial business, it faces great challenges in the management of services and technology.

The financial industry holds particularly rigorous policies and regulations defined by the Central Bank. As a result, EfectivoSí teams undergo cyclical audits and face the challenge of implementing high-security processes and protocols to safeguard the integrity of the information handled by the company.

In this context, it was struggling to successfully introduce an internal management tool that would prove to be robust, adapt to the organization, and most importantly, be easy to use for internal customers.

In 2018, the company began working with InvGate to implement both help desk and asset management solutions.



"We are one full support department now, which is amazing. Even though it's spanning so many groups and teams, InvGate Service Desk is one place to go for help. And from an end-user perspective, that's just amazing."

Eduardo Ocampo
IT Production Manager at EfectivoSí


Discover how EfectivoSí managed to build more than 20 help desks to provide support to over 800 users, while always being audit-ready and achieving an NPS of 98%.


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Discover how EfectivoSí managed to
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