AI Video Translator: How to create multilanguage content with AI

Jorge Farah September 12, 2023
- 9 min read

In today’s digital age, content creators are constantly looking for innovative ways to break language barriers and engage with a global audience. Language barriers have always been a challenge, but thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), content creators can now break through these barriers and create videos in multiple languages effortlessly.


AI video translation tools are empowering creators to dub, lipsync, and even clone their voices in various languages, breaking language barriers and connecting with global audiences. Additionally, online video translation services are becoming essential for language teachers and exchange professors to craft and utilize multilingual content for lessons and educational purposes. In this article, we will explore some cutting-edge AI tools, such as HeyGen, GPT-4 with prompt engineering for translation, elevenlabs for voice training, text-to-speech in multiple languages, and the wav2lip-2 API for seamless lipsyncing.

We use video translation tools to create content for our Ticket Volume podcast and product demos, and localize it in many languages. These tools allow us to translate both audio files and video files, making it easier to reach a wider audience. You can upload and translate video files, select languages, add subtitles, and export the translated videos in different formats. There are a lot of tools with different features, including lipsync, multiple-language, API accessibility and so on. Here is a list of the tools we use and recommend.


The best AI video translators
  • HeyGen: for amazing lipsync capabilities
  • Rask: Powerful dubbing with better editing editing capabilities
  • ElevenLabs: The OG in AI text-to-voice
  • Sync Labs: For advanced API translations
  • Fliki AI: Tool to convert text to video 

These tools can handle various formats, allowing you to upload and translate both audio files and video files seamlessly.

Using a video translator app is a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for vloggers and local businesses, offering the convenience of simply uploading a video and enjoying the translated result.

HeyGen: A Game-Changer in AI Video Translation

HeyGen has quickly risen to prominence as a versatile AI tool for content creators seeking to transcend language barriers. This remarkable platform makes it as easy as uploading a video to translate videos, including educational content like PowerPoint tutorials and e-learning videos, and get a fully dubbed deepswap video with lip-sync. The accuracy and fluency of translations produced by HeyGen are truly impressive, making it an essential tool for any content creator looking to reach global audiences. The platform ensures that the translated video maintains high accuracy and fluency, making it an essential tool for any content creator looking to reach global audiences.

HeyGen is the first tool of its kind that integrates translation, voice cloning and lip-sync.

As an example, you can watch a great result in the video of Argentinean president, Javier Milei, speaking perfect English in 2024 World Economic Forum at Davos, while the speech was actually given in Spanish. The translation, dubbing and lip-sync was done with HeyGen.

How to create a lip-sync video translate with HeyGen

  1. Go to Heygen Video Translate Section

  2. Upload or enter a YouTube video or Google Drive link

  3. Choose the targeted language and press “Translate this video!”

  4. Login or Sign up.

  5. Based on how many people is doing the same job, you might have to wait some minutes

  6. Once the video is translated you can download it for distribution


Rask: A HeyGen alternative for video translation

HeyGen launched with a bang thanks to its Product Hunt campaign and the viral video of messi speaking english. But the tool still has its limitation. Their AI Video Translation with lip-sync is still in beta and their processing capacity is still limited.

So, for anyone trying to repurpose their content to reach a broader international audience, Rask is our tool of choice. By uploading a video file, it matches voice tones and the quality is quite phenomenal. Also, it allows editing the SRT, helping to fix common pronunciation errors or localized slang. Rask excels in creating translated videos by utilizing AI-driven video and audio translation tools to edit, export, and generate video content in multiple languages, as well as to add translated subtitles and voiceovers to expand global reach.

Differently to HeyGen’s video translation, Rask works as an AI voiceover, so it doesn’t try to do the magic of trying to look like Miley Cirus speaks French, but it works more like a dubbed telenovela.

After the recent release of Spotify AI Translation, Rask comes handy for those who want to replicate its functionality for other content pieces, considering that users will start getting more used to consuming content in their own language.

Their basic plan starts at $49 per month with 25 minutes of dubbing.

Voice Cloning with elevenlabs / 11labs / prime voice ai

One of the most exciting developments in AI-driven content creation is voice cloning. elevenlabs (formerly known as 11 labs or prime voice ai) has emerged as a leader in this field, offering creators the ability to clone their voices and apply them to translated content, including audio files. This innovation ensures that the translated videos retain the unique vocal characteristics of the original creator, preserving their authenticity and connection with the audience. By using 11labs for voice training, content creators can generate voiceovers in multiple languages, allowing them to create content that feels personal and engaging, regardless of the viewer’s native language.

Prime Voice AI lets you create high-quality spoken audio in any voice and style. The advanced AI model behind this tool is designed to reproduce human intonation and inflection with unprecedented accuracy, and to adapt delivery based on context. Whether you’re a content creator, short story writer or video game developer, the possibilities for creating compelling audio are now endless.

For content creators, the company recently launched “ElevenLabs Dubbing Studios”, the tool detects and labels each of your speakers and create an editable script of your content. In the editor, you can update translations, change the timing, and regenerate the dialogue until the accent and tone are just right.

Text-to-Speech in Multiple Languages

To further enhance the multilingual capabilities of their videos, content creators can rely on AI-powered text-to-speech (TTS) solutions. These TTS systems can convert written scripts into spoken language for video files, ensuring that every word is pronounced accurately and naturally. This is particularly useful for content creators who might not have access to native speakers in all the languages they wish to target. With AI-driven TTS, creators can confidently deliver content in various languages while maintaining a high level of quality and fluency.

Wav2lip-2 API for Perfect Lipsync

Lipsyncing is a crucial element in creating professional-looking videos, and AI is making this process easier than ever before. The wav2lip-2 API, developed by @synchronicitylabs, is a state-of-the-art solution for achieving perfect lipsync in video files. This API leverages a cutting-edge model to match the movements of the lips with the translated audio seamlessly. The result is a high-definition video that appears as if the speaker is speaking fluently in the target language. This technology is a game-changer for content creators, as it eliminates the need for time-consuming manual lipsyncing and ensures a polished final product.

For those less experienced with API development, looking for a consumer-facing solution, HeyGen is a great alternative.

Fliki: Convert Text to Video

Fliki is a cutting-edge AI tool that has recently entered the audio and video content generation market, offering a seamless solution for producing high-quality content with the aid of generative AI. With a user-friendly and intuitive platform, Fliki empowers individuals, be they business owners or content creators, to effortlessly craft and share engaging audio and video content. One of Fliki’s standout features is its ability to generate exceptional AI voices that mirror human speech patterns and emotions, making it an ideal choice for text-to-speech applications like audiobooks or educational scripts. The platform’s innovative text-to-video feature enables users to transform any text into captivating video content within minutes, making it perfect for creating product demonstrations, social media clips, and explanatory videos. Additionally, Fliki is an excellent tool for creating and sharing engaging content on your YouTube channel.


AI video translation tools are transforming the way content creators engage with global audiences. With HeyGen’s translation capabilities powered by GPT-4, voice cloning from 11labs, text-to-speech in multiple languages, and the wav2lip-2 API for flawless lipsyncing, content creators have access to a powerful toolkit for producing videos in multiple languages. These tools not only break down language barriers but also preserve the authenticity and personality of the creators, ensuring that their content resonates with viewers worldwide. As AI technology continues to advance, we can expect even more exciting developments in the field of video translation and localization, opening up new horizons for content creators everywhere. By leveraging these tools, creators can also convert their content into YouTube videos, reaching wider audiences and improving accessibility.

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