How Managers Can Speed Up Governance

Jorge Farah May 6, 2022
- 3 min read

For many managers, there are two questions on permanent loop within their work:

1. Am I doing enough?
2. How do we make things quicker?

When it comes to the first question, it is often a struggle to know when to let go. As a manager's role and responsibilities grow, and as their teams reach new levels of maturity, there is a need to shift focus towards the most important processes, while letting their team take responsibility of some others.

Factors like the overall maturity of the organization and the team's level of autonomy will undoubtedly play an important role in determining your ability to execute.

This topic is explored on the second episode of Ticket Volume, a new podcast where InvGate Product Specialist Matt Beran speaks with IT leaders to explore their views on service management, technology, and business. In the episode two, we interviewed Best Buy's Dan Aragon about the nuances of scaling governance.

Dan says:

In both those places, there's a certain level of maturity that they needed to get to so that I could start to back off on those things. We did a lot of groundwork to put in the right processes, get the right people, set the right expectations with areas, and get the right people in there that can really run with it. And then you feel a lot better being able to back off. I would get involved if things got elongated, or stalling, or if there's a decision to be made. That's a lot easier to manage while you're managing the rest of the things, and knowing your team's got it taken care of.

Enabling those processes to work quickly involves making sure that the teams are properly equipped with what they need to do their jobs, rather than finding themselves scrambling for solutions in areas they're not specialized in.

How do make things go quicker? How do we make it easier? How do we pull away some of that overhead that we don't need because we've got some of that stuff built in already? So we're talking about change automation, how do we embed that into the pipeline of delivery? What I'm really hoping for is that the folks who are delivering are able to stay within their core sets of tools.

Listen to the full episode above. You can also find Ticket Volume on all podcast platforms

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