Moe Sulliman’s Award-Winning Strategies to Run a Successful Help Desk

Kimberly Yánez July 13, 2023
- 7 min read

Running a successful help desk is no small feat. Not only does it ensure that our customers receive the timely and efficient support they deserve, but it also plays a pivotal role in building strong relationships and fostering customer loyalty. 

A well-run help desk is like a shining beacon, showcasing our organization's unwavering commitment to providing exceptional customer service, and Moe Sulliman knows exactly what it takes. 

On the 59th Episode of Ticket Volume, our IT podcast, he broke down the qualities of a good help desk agent and stressed the significance of providing them with a safe work environment to learn and grow. He knows that fostering a sense of teamwork and providing clear role models are crucial for building a strong and effective help desk team.

Currently serving as the Information Technology Help Desk Manager at Wajax, Sulliman brings a wealth of experience to the table. He has held various roles in IT before finding his passion in Service Management. From his time as a Service Desk Manager for Axon Medical Technologies to Maeve's International Software and Rio Can Real Estate Investment Trust, Moe has honed his skills and expertise in delivering top-notch support.

Make sure to tune in to the entire episode featuring Sulliman. His award-winning strategies, commitment to team development, and passion for excellence will inspire you to create a help desk that stands out from the crowd. 

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How to run a successful help desk

For our guest, winning the Best Service and Support Manager of the Year 2023 award was more than just a recognition of his hard work. It was a motivational push that fueled his drive to keep things running at high levels of purpose and productivity. He understands that a motivated and engaged team is the key to delivering exceptional service.



"We talked about the value stream on a very high level and mainly on paper, to tell you the truth. But we don't talk about the successful practice factor when it comes to situations where the agent needs to grasp what is delivering value to the business. From my own perspective behind the ticket queue, I only see a description of a ticket or an issue. But I need the agents to realize that this issue needs to be resolved as soon as possible because the person at the other end is working and serving external customers that generate revenue for their company."

Moe Sulliman
Technology Help Desk Manager at Wajax
Episode 59 of Ticket Volume


One of the key factors that propelled Sulliman to victory was his ability to forge meaningful connections with his team members and emphasize the human element in managing the help desk. Recognizing the importance of serving the business, he highlighted the significance of delivering value and constantly seeking ways to exceed expectations.

Sulliman stressed the relevance of establishing strong relationships with customers, as it enables efficient issue resolution and ultimately leads to higher customer satisfaction. He also emphasized the need for help desk agents to develop their soft skills and maintain a keen focus on customer satisfaction, while also expanding their knowledge beyond just technical expertise.

Creating a successful service desk environment requires a collective effort and a strong sense of teamwork. IT leaders should feel the urgency of issue resolution for external customers who directly impact the company's revenue. To achieve this, he advised agents to enhance their skills in technology, business impact, urgency, and communication channels.



"I believe in minimizing the micromanagement element and empowering others to deliver more. As successful help desk or service desk managers, it's all about empowering the agents to deliver to the business and showing them that they will be working in a safe zone. We allow mistakes because without mistakes, we won't learn."

Moe Sulliman
Technology Help Desk Manager at Wajax
Episode 59 of Ticket Volume


In order to foster a supportive culture, Sulliman believes in creating a safe zone where team members can thrive and openly address their concerns. Being a mentor and leader plays a crucial role in guiding team members on their journey to success. Hence he encouraged taking calculated risks and thinking outside the box, as these traits are essential in ITSM.

Motivating remote teams can be a challenge, but Sulliman suggested implementing activities and recognition programs, such as an annual Agent of the Year award, to keep the team connected and motivated. Additionally, he recommended taking courses from the Walt Disney Institute to expand their knowledge on quality service and recognition, showcasing his dedication to continuous learning and improvement.



"For me, I look at it from different angles - knowing the technology, understanding the business impact, recognizing the urgency, and being aware of the communication channels. A successful agent, who matures from being a junior or an intern, all the way to tier one, tier two, team lead, or IT Help Desk Manager, needs to go through all these stages to develop their career in this demanding field. It's everything you need to succeed."

Moe Sulliman
Technology Help Desk Manager at Wajax
Episode 59 of Ticket Volume


In sum, the formula to run a successful help desk is a combination of these 8 practices:

  1. Build strong relationships with team members and emphasize the human element in managing the help desk.
  2. Focus on delivering value and serving the business to exceed expectations.
  3. Establish strong relationships with customers for efficient issue resolution and higher customer satisfaction.
  4. Develop soft skills and maintain a keen focus on customer satisfaction.
  5. Foster a supportive culture where team members can thrive and openly address concerns.
  6. Enhance skills in technology, business impact, urgency, and communication channels.
  7. Take calculated risks and think outside the box in IT service management.
  8. Implement activities and recognition programs to motivate remote teams.

Bottom line

This is just a summary of Ticket Volume's episode featuring Moe Sulliman. Be sure to listen to the full discussion with Matt Beran to learn more about how to run a successful help desk.

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