Have Fun at Work with Gamification

Sabrina Pagnotta February 14, 2018
- 3 min read

If I told you that solving requests in your help desk could be as fun as playing a video game, what would you say? With Service Desk Gamification having fun at work is possible!

Perhaps you’ve once felt that you’ve completed a really challenging task but no one noticed, or that your team should have been rewarded when they overcame tricky issues and achieved great results? Well, let me tell you: these thoughts disappear when Gamification is in place, because it taps into the human need and desire for personal recognition, status, and achievement – plus, it has the thrill of competition. 

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Gamification on the Service Desk

You might have heard of the word “gamification” before, and that’s because it’s a fantastic way to spice things up in an application. We came to this conclusion way back in 2012, when we first introduced Gamification features to InvGate Service Desk and provided the tools for rewarding and motivating staff with quests, badges, and points.



In other words, we applied game-design thinking to our software, so that customers, agents, managers, and admins would find their daily tasks more fun and engaging. Every time your points go up you experience contentment and the desire to be on top on the leaderboard, just like when you’re focused on completing that impossible level of your favorite video game. At the same time, you solve an issue, help a customer, and ensure business continuity and value.

If you and your colleagues are embarked on the same mission, you’ll see a greater team engagement, increased productivity, increased collaboration, and shared objectives towards better service delivery. InvGate Service Desk agents are rewarded based on the quality perceived by users – who are able to rate their incident solutions.

Thus, agents work with customer satisfaction at the forefront of their minds, providing the best solutions in the appropriate resolution times, while enjoying belonging to a team that is committed to accomplishing missions and going up the leaderboard. For your service desk, this translates into higher levels of service, faster response times, a better customer experience, and creating more value for the business.

gamification-mushroom.pngLevel Up!  Use your InvGate Service Desk points to keep score.  The agent with the highest score at the end of the month wins a gift card, or some company swag?  Got you thinking, didn’t we?! :) 

Managers will find it easy to align the team goals to business goals, and teams will get to have more fun working on the service desk. In short, everybody wins.

We all have a little competitiveness inside us, so let’s take advantage of it and turn our help desks into game boards!

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Let us know how it helped your organization. 


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