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Brian Hubbard

Brian is a freelance writer and US expat currently living in Buenos Aires. With his background in the liberal arts and journalism, he enjoys playing with languages whenever he's not struggling with them. He has a growing interest in technology, especially in how it intersects with sociology and politics.

Beyond Systems & Processes: ITIL Benefits to Individuals

The benefits of ITIL to a company or organization are widely discussed. This makes sense for the bigger picture, from the perspective of an organization. Smart organizations these days are ...

5 Steps to Creating an ITIL Maintenance Plan

It was Einstein who once said “the secret to creativity is knowing how to...

What to Look For in a Mobile Help Desk

The mobile experience will only continue to develop. It started in the...

Defining Your IT Network Security Perimeter

It wasn’t too long ago that a security system would be nothing more than a...

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