How Universidad Austral completed its digital transformation with InvGate Service Desk

InvGate September 23, 2021
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Universidad Austral is a privately managed Argentinean university with its main campus in Pilar and sub-campuses in Buenos Aires and Rosario. It is recognized for having adopted the best practices of the European and North American university tradition: full-time professors, research promotion, interdisciplinary approach, active teaching methods and intense interaction with society. Formally founded in 1991, Universidad Austral is among the most prestigious universities in Argentina and Latin America.

The University was using an IT service management tool that was not tailored to its needs. It had an outdated and unintuitive interface, resulting in a complete reliance on inefficient request management methods such as e-mails and phone calls.

Leandro Cabrera, Operations and Technology Manager, led an exhaustive search for a new ITSM tool. Out of multiple options, they chose InvGate Service Desk. Says Leandro, "InvGate's solution was the most complete in terms of its features and functionality, and it also proved to be very flexible and easy to integrate with other tools."

The integration with InvGate Service Desk was simple and fast.

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Within two hours we could already start managing requests. We had a very thorough training by InvGate for all the staff that was going to be involved. The tool is super intuitive and very agile, making it easy and quick to learn how to use."

Leandro Cabrera
Operations and Technology Manager

Universidad Austral implemented InvGate Service Desk in several areas, including the Systems Department, Operations and Maintenance, Human Resources, and Purchasing.

The adoption of InvGate Service Desk represented a radical transformation in Universidad Austral's work, moving from making requests by phone and email to doing so entirely through the Service Desk portal. This led to a cultural transformation in the company towards a digital, agile and ITIL-aligned work model. The reporting and metrics functionalities, as well as the ease of routing and tracking requests, also resulted in a huge savings benefit, allowing the University to optimize the working hours of its staff.


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