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InvGate April 26, 2018
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At InvGate our mission is simple: we value customer feedback over industry trends, and think the best business technology is intuitive and easy-to-use. When it comes to our partners we are selective and strategic, with the goal of matching clients with exceptional products and service, driving increased sales and profitability opportunities.  InvGate Service Desk combines power and deep ITIL-based (IT service management) ITSM functionality, with a simple and flexible user interface that keeps us consistently ranked at the top in customer satisfaction. 

InvGate understands what customers are looking for in a Service Desk solution because we are our own customer. When it comes to innovative product features and functionalities, we always have the customer top-of-mind and consider their needs first. With design, research and development we review customer feedback to ensure our customers’ product requirements are addressed with each update and release. InvGate is laser-focused on creating intuitive solutions that truly benefit our customers. And, with a network of supportive partners, InvGate is focused on long-term success solutions for everyone.

 What are the benefits of becoming an InvGate partner?

By joining the InvGate Partner Program you will upgrade your portfolio of software solutions with the most intelligent and innovative tools for managing IT service and infrastructure. You will also enjoy the advantages of working collaboratively with the InvGate organization and leveraging its experience to help develop and convert new opportunities into new customers for your business. 

 The key benefits for partners:

Superior Products

Build customer relationships and boost your profile by offering world-class IT management solutions that are intuitive, effective, and deliver exceptional value.

Expanded Market Reach

Break into new markets by meeting customer   demand for effective management of IT resources, with fast and predictable implementations.

Increased Revenue Opportunities

Selling quality products that customers love gives increased cross and up-selling opportunities that can help maximize the value for your client portfolio.

Training and Certification

Receive comprehensive training that not only makes you a certified expert in the product, but teaches you the best ways to sell it too.

Continuous Product Development

Keep ahead of the competition by offering your clients products that move with the times. Our ongoing development ensures our products stay relevant and include the latest IT innovations.

Support and Service

Access rapid technical and commercial support services to give you the information you need to assist your clients and to close your sales.

  What InvGate offers our partners?

  • Clear Product Positioning - We like to solve problems, not create them. Understanding our strengths helps us achieve the highest customer satisfaction ratings, and allows our partners to maximize their own growth opportunities.
  • Partner-ready Selling Aids - We developed many resources that help partners maximize their profit potential including training videos, customer-facing product literature and brochures, and deal exclusivity/registration
  • Lead Generation and Development - InvGate is an ITSM leader which provides partners with a continual flow of new leads. We also maintain an on-going schedule of webinars and campaigns to support our brand.
  • Flexible Deployment/Licensing Options - Both our SaaS and on-premise versions are widely used by organizations of all types and sizes; we can provide best practices for any development scenario that suits the customer’s particular requirements.
  • Repeat and Add-on Business - InvGate’s continued customer satisfaction means we enjoy a high degree of repeat business, helping our partners reduce their customer acquisition costs.
  • Compressed Sales and Implementation Cycles - The simplicity of installing and implementing our solutions makes InvGate one of the fastest time-to-production platforms in the business. That means your technical resources can support more projects and drive more revenue. 

How can my company become an InvGate partner?

When it comes to partners we’re a little picky, and we like it that way.  What we offer in return is a true partnership with limited distribution that leaves our partners with a lot of prospecting green space.  We’re seeking partners who are not only experts in ITSM and IT asset management (ITAM) software sales, but who can stay true to our mission and values to support our customers. If this sounds like it fits with your own company goals and values then we would love to hear from you!

Become an InvGate Partner 

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