Flexera Alternative: Reporting, Customer Service, and Usability

Brenda Gratas December 21, 2023
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As organizations seek a reliable Flexera alternative, it is crucial to explore IT Asset Management (ITAM) software that provides comprehensive functionality and addresses key pain points. 

InvGate Insight and other nine Flexera competitors emerge as a potential contenders, offering a range of features designed to enhance ITAM processes and drive operational efficiency. 

In this article, we’ll delve into a thorough comparative analysis for you to choose the best ITAM software for your needs.

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  • Flexera One is a SaaS ITAM and SAM solution that offers a consolidated view of an organization's technology stack.
  • Users highlight its ease of use, data visibility, and customer support quality.
  • However, clients reported that the product requires a lot of configuration, has regular issues that take too long to solve, and offers poor data quality.
  • InvGate Insight, on the other hand, allows organizations to create a complete inventory of IT assets, automate alerts, map the IT infrastructure in a CMDB, and follow assets throughout their lifecycle.


What is Flexera One?

Example of Flexera's interface.

Flexera, originally known as InstallShield and rebranded in 2009, is a leading provider of technology Asset Management solutions. Headquartered in Itasca, Illinois, United States, it has been at the forefront of providing comprehensive technology tools since its establishment in 1987.

They offer platforms such as Software and Hardware Asset Management (SAM and HAM, respectively), Cloud Spend Optimization, Vulnerability Management, and Open Source Software Compliance. 

Flexera One, in particular, is a robust Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that seamlessly integrates IT Asset Management and Software Asset Management (SAM). It empowers organizations by offering a consolidated perspective of their complete technology ecosystem, facilitating informed IT decisions driven by data.

Flexera One serves as a comprehensive platform that harmonizes ITAM and SAM functionalities. It offers a holistic approach by providing a single, consolidated view of IT assets across on-premises, cloud, and edge environments. 

The platform helps organizations optimize IT spending, manage and secure cloud infrastructure, mitigate risk, ensure compliance, and offer insights and analytics.

Pros and cons of Flexera One

According to Gartner reviews, Flexera One provides an excellent SAM tool that is easy to use and has good visibility, interpretation, and coverage of software consumption. Users also highlight its support of critical business processes and decisions, as well as the company's customer support.

Nevertheless, some customers reported issues with the system's setup, even with assistance from Flexera's support team. In particular, they mentioned that the product requires a lot of configuration to obtain a satisfactory view of more complex licensing models.

In addition, there were complaints about regular issues that take too long to solve, difficulties with the support team and deficient data quality.

InvGate Insight as a Flexera alternative




InvGate Insight is an IT Asset Management solution that provides organizations with comprehensive control and visibility over their IT assets. This tool offers two deployment options: cloud-based and on-premises. It enables organizations to create a thorough inventory of all their IT assets, whether physical, virtual, or cloud-based, connected to the network.

InvGate Insight encompasses a range of features and functionalities to assist in various aspects of ITAM, including IT Asset Discovery, Inventory Management, and Software License Management. Some notable features include:

With InvGate Insight, organizations gain enhanced control, visibility, and streamlined processes within their IT infrastructure. It empowers them to make well-informed decisions based on accurate asset information and optimize their IT Asset Management practices.

Data analysis and reporting 

InvGate Insight's customizable dashboards allow users to monitor their preferred ITAM metrics.

InvGate Insight offers valuable features to enhance IT Asset Management. The platform provides a quick view of all software installations across devices, allowing organizations to gain comprehensive insights into their software landscape. Additionally, the software allows for grouping items by location and further filtering with tags, enabling efficient data organization and analysis.

Flexera One, on the other hand, has received feedback regarding certain challenges in its reporting capabilities. Some users have reported insufficient capabilities, which may hinder some organizations from seeking advanced analytics and in-depth functionalities. Moreover, users have complained about regular data syncing failures, making troubleshooting difficult and potentially affecting the accuracy and timeliness of data analysis. Difficulties with integrations were also cited, highlighting the need to validate and recheck information to ensure reliable reporting.

Customer service and support

InvGate Insight has been praised for the vendor's thorough analysis of business needs, indicating a strong commitment to understanding and addressing customer requirements.

Flexera One, however, has received mixed feedback regarding its customer service and support. While the platform offers comprehensive solutions, some users have reported instances of support teams lacking knowledge of the application. Additionally, concerns have been raised about long wait times to resolve certain issues and the need to improve support service and responsiveness during maintenance renewals.

Product usability

Example of how InvGate Insight's Network Discovery feature looks like.

InvGate Insight excels in usability, providing an easy-to-use platform for complex queries and smooth user interface navigation. These features contribute to a user-friendly experience and facilitate efficient management of IT assets.

Flexera One, while offering a comprehensive set of functionalities, has encountered usability challenges. Users have reported issues such as inaccurate inventory due to the lack of an accurate Configuration Management Database (CMDB), leading to manual processes for inventory accuracy. Additionally, the platform has been criticized for recurrent user logouts requiring multiple logins throughout the day and the inability to schedule reports.


Choose InvGate Insight and create your IT asset inventory in 24 hours


Flexera competitors

Not convinced yet? Here are some more comparative analyses with other Flexera competitors:

  1. Flexera One vs. Lansweeper
  2. Flexera One vs. Asset Panda
  3. Flexera One vs. Snipe-IT
  4. Flexera One vs. Snow License Manager
  5. Flexera One vs. SummitAI
  6. Flexera One vs. Cherwell 
  7. Flexera One vs. ServiceNow
  8. Flexera One vs. NinjaOne
  9. Flexera One vs. BMC

In conclusion

When searching for a Flexera alternative, it is essential to evaluate various factors such as data analysis and reporting, customer service and support, and product usability. In this regard, InvGate Insight offers valuable features and functionalities for managing IT assets effectively. 

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