Challenges and Pitfalls in IT Management

InvGate July 6, 2011
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Rapidly changing the way people do business, information technology is constantly innovating. The wide-ranging scope of IT has evolved from simple file management to encompass the supply chain, database technologies, customer relationship management, multimedia processing, enterprise resource and Web personalization facets of businesses. Breakthrough IT management software has streamlined otherwise daunting and time-consuming business-related tasks.

In recent years, corporate cultures have become more and more reliant on IT. Several factors influence the direction and growth of information technology, which manifest in the shrinking – yet becoming more powerful – devices, as well as constantly advancing software and hardware components.

In the course of skyrocketing capabilities of information technology, successes have been evident. Various industries utilize IT management software to keep their operations organized, optimized or automated – all these while taking advantage of their plummeting costs.

Modern IT management software also covers the monitoring functionality, like the software metering program does. Software metering observes the use and execution of applications for the purpose of controlling the number of concurrent users to stay within the limits set by the license.

However, while now increasingly capable, information technology has turned out to be more complex than ever. Consequently, IT management – although cloaked in a world of benefits – has its fair share of pitfalls and challenges. Sound IT management is not as easy as it looks. There are several systems to be integrated to address a range of business needs, coupled with organizational and cultural concerns that necessitate urgent attention. IT managers, who are tasked to ensure effective deployment and utilization of technology, are facing issues in the many facets of IT management.

Economic issues are putting pressure on IT companies to deliver breadth of technologies while effecting reduction of overhead costs. In developing nations, organizations in both micro and macro levels continue to struggle to practice effective IT management and deliver results. Challenges in IT management in these territories include inept communications infrastructure, personnel incompetency issues, as well as faulty systems application and flawed work-process organization.

In many cases, a specific technical challenge surrounding the discipline as applied in several organizations is "IT mismanagement." It involves a great deal of data that is stored on different servers and managed by dissimilar systems – which hampers the effective management of IT resources.

IT managers also face a key challenge in the 21st century information technology – computer security. Internet concerns also interrelate with IT issues, such as hacking, data loss and service attacks that have thwarted the operations of various industries. New technologies like online databases as well as mobile devices have become vulnerable targets for computer crimes. IT managers are being pressured to protect computing resources properly.

Powerful as it is, information technology has its own set of complexities that organizations will need to deal with one careful step at a time. Understanding these challenges in IT management will aid IT professionals in comprehending, projecting and preparing for imminent pitfalls, while learning to adapt and embrace the changes that lie ahead.

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