Asset Panda Alternative: Usability, Support, and Features

Brenda Gratas December 12, 2023
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Are you on the hunt for an Asset Panda alternative that stands out in terms of usability, support, and features? Your search ends here! Discover ten competitors and choose the one that adapts best to your organization!

While organizations aim to improve their processes, they must assess different ITAM software alternatives. However, since the market is quite crowded, selecting the tool that best accommodates your needs might be challenging.

Therefore, we put together this comparative analysis to help you!


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  • Asset Panda is a cloud-based asset tracking and management platform.
  • It offers barcode and QR code scanning, real-time data and reporting, and mobile accessibility.
  • Users highlight its user-friendliness and comprehensive reporting. But they warn about customization constraints, delays in customer service response, and high pricing.
  • InvGate Insight, on the other hand, is a cloud-based ITAM solution that combines agent and agentless methods to create a unified inventory of IT assets.
  • It provides users with a CMDB, health rules and smart tags, QR code creation and scanning, customizable dashboards, and multiple integrations.

What is Asset Panda?

Asset Panda is a cloud-based asset tracking and management platform designed to streamline and optimize Asset Management processes for organizations of all sizes. The platform offers a comprehensive view of assets, locations, and people by integrating data from multiple sources. 

With a wide range of features and capabilities, it empowers companies to track, manage and maintain their valuable assets. Asset Panda’s key features encompass:

  • Customizable asset tracking.
  • Barcode and QR code scanning.
  • Real-time data and reporting.
  • Maintenance and work order management.
  • Mobile accessibility.
  • Integration and data syncing.

Pros and cons of Asset Panda

Users highlight some key advantages of Asset Panda, like its user-friendliness, comprehensive reporting and analytics, customization and integrations, and customer service.

However, Gartner reviews warn users of customization constraints, delays in customer service response, a complex reporting system configuration, and relatively high pricing.

InvGate Insight as an Asset Panda alternative




InvGate Insight is an IT Asset Management solution with two deployment options: cloud and on-premises. This tool allows organizations to create a comprehensive inventory of all their IT assets connected to the network, including physical, virtual, and cloud-based assets.

InvGate Insight provides various features and functions to aid in IT Asset Discovery, Inventory Management, and Software License Management. Some of these features include:

InvGate Insight empowers organizations to have better control and visibility over their IT environment, streamline processes, and make well-informed decisions.


Example of how InvGate Insight's Network Discovery feature looks like.

InvGate Insight brings forth a range of advantages when it comes to usability:

  • Simple implementation - The implementation process for InvGate Insight is straightforward, ensuring a seamless transition for users without encountering unnecessary complexities.
  • Easy customization - InvGate Insight can be effortlessly customized to align with individual users' and organizations' specific needs and preferences.
  • User-friendly - InvGate Insight offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing users to navigate and interact with the platform easily.
  • Friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) - The platform incorporates a visually appealing GUI that enhances the overall user experience and promotes ease of use.

On the other hand, an in-depth analysis of Asset Panda reviews suggests that some users find the tool confusing, especially when searching for specific items. 


InvGate Insight offers exceptional support in multiple languages, ensuring that users receive timely and effective solutions to any queries or issues they may encounter while using the platform. 

In contrast, Asset Panda has received complaints about delayed customer service response and weak support. This indicates that users may face challenges when seeking assistance or resolving issues while using the Asset Panda platform.

Customization, reporting, and integration

InvGate Insight's customizable dashboards allow users to monitor their preferred ITAM metrics.

InvGate Insight shines in terms of customization capabilities. It allows users to group items by location, enabling efficient organization and categorization of assets. The platform also offers view customization, empowering users to personalize their experience and optimize their workflow. Furthermore, the software demonstrates flexibility and compatibility across various operating systems, accommodating different IT infrastructures and user preferences.

When it comes to reporting, InvGate Insight also stands out with its robust reporting module, providing powerful insights and analytics to drive informed decision-making.

Another significant advantage of InvGate Insight is its native integration with InvGate Service Desk, enabling seamless linking of tickets with devices and individuals. This integration provides a comprehensive 360° view of IT operations, facilitating more efficient management.



Additionally, InvGate Insight natively integrates with popular remote desktop tools such as Windows Remote Desktop, TeamViewer, AnyDesk, and VNC. This enhances remote management capabilities by providing direct access to devices for troubleshooting and maintenance.

On the other hand, although Asset Panda receives praise for its comprehensive reporting and analytics, customization options, and integrations with other software, some users desire additional customization options and a more intuitive reporting system.


Choose InvGate Insight and create your IT asset inventory in 24 hours



Asset Panda competitors

If you need to explore the market further, here are other nine Asset Panda competitors you can check out:

  1. Asset Panda vs. Lansweeper
  2. Asset Panda vs. Snipe-IT
  3. Asset Panda vs. Snow License Manager
  4. Asset Panda vs. Flexera One
  5. Asset Panda vs. SummitAI
  6. Asset Panda vs. Cherwell
  7. Asset Panda vs. Service Now
  8. Asset Panda vs. NinjaOne
  9. Asset Panda vs. BMC

In conclusion

Evaluating usability, support, and features is crucial when searching for an Asset Panda alternative.

InvGate Insight surpasses expectations in these aspects, offering a comprehensive IT Asset Management and tracking solution for businesses. Don't hesitate to request our 30-day free trial or schedule a meeting with our experts for any inquiries or further assistance in your decision-making journey!

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