Support Assist: Introducing New Machine Learning Capabilities to Service Desk

InvGate May 16, 2022
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During InvGate’s presentation at SupportWorld Live 2022, we are proud to introduce Support Assist, our AI engine that enhances the support capabilities of service desks for all types of businesses and departments.

One of InvGate's guiding principles is to "simplify what is complex," and so for the last year we’ve been finding ways to leverage our solutions with machine learning, testing different tools inside our platforms that could make a real difference for our users. 

This new tool marks a major milestone for the InvGate Service Desk software. “We believe that Support Assist will be a significant difference in agents’ day-to-day, decreasing request handling time,” commented Pablo Vergne, Director of Product Management. 

For InvGate, AI is a long-term investment. “We aim to build simple solutions to complex problems," said Ariel Gesto, CEO and founder of InvGate. "We believe that AI-enabled solutions are the future of ITSM; that’s why we are investing time and resources on understanding how to improve the day-to-day of our product’s users.”

Introducing InvGate AI Assistant

InvGate Support Assist is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) with some functionalities based on Natural Language Processing (NLP), and others built on Neural Networks, to suggest actions that could impact positively the performance of IT support agents.

Our main goal when developing these tools is to speed up your first response times significantly while also improving the accuracy of your data for better routing and reporting. As each client is different, the assistant relies on a tight collaboration between these machine learning techniques to learn from each of our customer's environments.

Service Desk Support Assist AIDuring the event, we’ll be showcasing three functionalities:

  • Change Priority: Our suggestions feature can help your agents deliver quicker and more accurate answers to employees, leading to a significant drop in resolution time.

  • Change Category: Ensure tickets are categorized and assigned to the right group faster than ever. 

  • Set as “Major Incident”: Helps you to identify what matters require urgent attention, so you can mitigate risks and take preventing measures. 


If you're in Las Vegas for SupportWorld Live from May 15th to the 20th, come take a look at our solutions and see Support Assist firsthand. Visit us at booth 626

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