Service Desk: The Focal Point for Incident Management Process

InvGate October 11, 2011
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Customer satisfaction should be at the core of all business objectives. In an aim to be competitive and ultimately succeed, IT-reliant businesses need to focus on knowing customers and giving them what they want to ultimately make them happy and keep them coming back. Because customer demands are changing with the times, the deployment of an IT management solution to meet client standards and expectations has become imperative – and service desk software should make it to the list.

Being the direct point of contact between the company and end-users, service desk receives information about reported issues or problems in an infrastructure that may require attention and resolution. Using sound help desk software, users should be able to report new incidents and log them into the system, which, in turn automatically categorizes and forwards the issues for action.

Customer care at its best requires outstanding communication and cooperation not only with end-users but also among the vendor company’s departments. Going for state-of-the-art help desk software can increase internal productivity as employees dealing with IT infrastructure incidents are provided with high quality support. As a result, customer service level will also dramatically improve.

A business solution as its finest, service desk software that is founded on Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices and recommendations in the industry is of great relevance. Moreover, a help desk tool offers companies instantaneous benefits by reducing their support expenses.

The right service desk software package provides IT companies with a knowledge base to be referred to. As a result, help desk agents are able to identify and deal with the IT problems in a unified fashion, and possibly solve them with a few single clicks. With features that allow for assessment as it pertains to the handling of an incident, agents and company decision makers alike are able to track and evaluate their performance.

As it is aimed at the restoration of services to status quo quickly after problem identification, help desk is closely associated with Incident Management process. Technically speaking, Incident Management starts right after a customer request is received through the service desk. When implemented, the process is expected to help minimize the impact of IT incidents to businesses through timely detection and swift resolution.

Under the Incident Management process, accurate information gathered regarding the occurrence of IT infrastructure incidents is utilized to plan for, and ultimately achieve service improvement. Potential for enhancement are seen to be derived from incidents that have occurred.

Against this backdrop, Incident Management is responsible for incident detection, incident logs, classification or categorization, initial support, diagnosis, resolution or recovery, and closure of reported incident. As a crucial element to Incident Management, service desk helps define these processes.

Comprehensive as it should be, service desk software helps companies in dealing with technical and infrastructure issues and upholding proactive management by quickly addressing the problems. Being so, it is a relevant tool that contributes to the success of Incident Management process.

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