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Stuart Rance

Stuart is an ITSM and security consultant who has worked with clients in many countries, helping them create business value for themselves and their customers. He was one of the Lead Architects for ITIL® 4, as well as the author of ITIL Service Transition, 2011 edition, and lead author of RESILIA™ Cyber Resilience best practice. He also works as a trainer and examiner, helping people to learn about IT service management, information security management, and related areas. Find me on: LinkedIn or Twitter
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We All Have to Embrace Complexity

Before the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, many of us may have felt that understanding the difference between simple, complicated and complex problems might be interesting, but that it bore little relevance to our everyday activities. But now, many ...

ITSM 101: 5 More Ways People Misuse ITIL

In my last ITSM 101 blog, I wrote about five ways people commonly misunderstand and misuse ITIL. From overly focusing on the processes, through expecting a new IT service management (ITSM) tool to ...

ITSM 101: 5 Ways People Misuse ITIL

If you follow Twitter and read blogs about IT service management (ITSM), as I do, you will probably have read lots of complaints about ITIL. And yet most of the IT organizations that I work with use ...

ITSM 101: Getting Started with ITIL

I suspect that most of my readers have heard of ITIL, the world’s most popular set of practices for IT service management. In fact, I’d guess that many of you have probably already tried to ...

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