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Sabrina Pagnotta

Marketing Communications Manager
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InvGate Products: A 2019 Review

We're closing a year of full growth at InvGate. During 2019, our solutions continued to strengthen with new features to make IT management easier. In addition, our teams continue to grow as ...

3 InvGate Service Desk Features you were Probably Waiting for

As you might know, we’ve recently launched a major release for InvGate...

5 Benefits of Integrating your Help Desk with an ITAM Solution

It seems nowadays everything revolves around improving customer...

New: InvGate Service Desk Zapier Integration

We continue to expand the range of InvGate Service Desk features because...

How We Took ITSM and ITAM Forward in 2018

We finish 2018 with excitement over all the new features we delivered....

5 reasons why you should use Time Tracking

Having visibility into the work of the support team and how internal...

InvGate Service Desk with FileWave Integration

IT service management (ITSM) and  IT Asset Management (ITAM) can...

InvGate Service Desk Tasks Module: Divide Efforts and Conquer

Everybody knows it: solving a request isn’t always a matter of executing a...

Feature Spotlight: InvGate Service Desk SCCM Integration

If you use InvGate Service Desk, you might have come across a request that...

What if InvGate didn't have InvGate?

It’s said that we should practice what we preach. And, at InvGate, we do....

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