Why Should Organizations Go For Optimized IT Management Solutions

InvGate February 13, 2017
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Smart entrepreneurship entails efficient management of an IT infrastructure – which encompasses a wide range of components. Periodic tracking and inspection of hardware and software assets enable organizations to periodically determine the status of their computer systems, and point out flaws that need to be addressed. In knowing the exact nature of the software-related problem, companies are able create a plan of action and deploy that plan to avoid the issues from turning into problems that require complex repair.

Sound IT management is highly ideal; however, this task presents a multifaceted process. In the advent of IT management software, ensuring operational efficiency for business profitability became simplified. Essentially, this tool should be able to streamline the way companies maintain efficiency and productivity of all its IT assets. Efficient software asset management also provides accountability; thus, in cases of emergency, this software is invaluable in tracking assets at hand, and re-routing them as needed.

Through the use of software asset management tools, an organization is able to know exactly the software assets it owns and leases, as well as their lifecycles. Over the years, IT companies have turned into practices to help them manage their software estate. It is proven fact that the implementation of sound IT management software solutions results in constant IT investment growth.

The market offers a world of various software asset management tools. Coupled with their software asset management practices, organizations may think these solutions are enough. The unseen truth may be that they are throwing money away with these bad investment ideas.

In settling for software asset management tools, it is essential for organizations to find solutions that are designed to cater to their daily and unique operations. This way, software management not only addresses issues the way they should be dealt with, but also saves company resources and money.

In a recent study, Gartner Research revealed that sound software asset management tools help companies recover approximately 30% of their software expenses, to up to 10% annually thereafter. With optimized solutions, these savings can be expected to double.

An advanced all-in-one IT management software, for instance, should offer a number of varied functionalities integrated to effect centralized management of IT assets, financial data coverage, workstation group administration and software lists management, among others. Software asset management solutions optimized to get rid of the need for other software can save money and increase productivity.

Cutting-edge IT management software also makes optimized license management possible, which factors the rights for product use in order to decrease license consumption levels. When shooting for an optimal allocation of licenses across an enterprise, certain factors come into play. These include license model and vendor agreement.

In effect, an optimized license management tool prevents IT departments from under-spending or overspending on software licensing and avoids the legal risks and their consequences in the process. Optimized license management should be able to automate license optimization, and as a result, allow organizations to enjoy their return on investment more quickly.

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