Social Media's Role in Effective Customer Service

InvGate September 19, 2011
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This day and age of entrepreneurship is characterized by customer demands that come fast-paced and are ever-changing. It is evident that customers are now starting to look beyond the traditional ways of getting products or services delivered to them, or their needs attended to. Now more than ever, consumer expectations are founded on product quality, value for money, and multi-channel customer experience.

In an aim to achieve stellar customer service – which has become more relevant than ever – organizations are prodded to promptly adapt to trends lest competition leaves them behind. It is common for companies turn to an IT management solution that will help streamline the way they manage customer care and ease up the way customers can communicate. Clearly, executing an IT management solution that effects highly intuitive procedures and allow for the implementation of best practices in the industry makes an intelligent business decision.

In more ways than one, service desk software is an integral part of customer service. Using a quality help desk package, organizations are able to consolidate interactions between IT and technology users, while giving them full control over their service desk department.

Through help desk software that tracks customer incidents with knowledge base and query-on-demand features, customer issues and IT infrastructure problems are addressed more quickly. As a result, technical support management becomes easy and efficient, enabling organizations to obtain significant improvements at service level.

As the integration of social media platforms becomes increasingly relevant, businesses prefer help desk software and solutions characterized with a social network approach. This is easily not surprising, because as businesses have become more dependent on IT, the rapid rise of social media has made the competitive customer service landscape more vulnerable. Existing social media platforms – which are making customers even more powerful and influential – are shifting the way businesses across all industries and of all sizes interact with customers.

The age-old golden rule in customer care – to respond to customer inquiries and issues promptly and cordially, that is – is still king. However, to ensure customer experience that exceeds expectations, organizations are consolidating "social customer care" with their marketing and after-sales efforts.

While social media cannot qualify as a replacement for customer service, it cannot be denied that it is powerful enough to enhance customer satisfaction in its entirety. It is a glaring reality that with the use of social media, negative feedback can be quelled instantly and positive comments amplified – or otherwise, depending on how the social channels are utilized. The playing field for customer care has certainly changed, and mismanaged communications through social platforms can create brand disasters of epic proportions.

When it comes to customer service, social media platforms also underscore the value of monitoring what people say about a brand. While becoming an outlet for customer queries or complaints, social media channels are effective at spreading praises and positive reviews. Similarly, it becomes the way through which organizations find flaws about their products, correct them and continuously re-evaluate these efforts.

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