Service Desk Takes Customer Care to the Next Level

InvGate September 14, 2011
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Enterprise success is attributed to man factors, but more often than not, it boils down to the two most critical: product or service quality and customer support. In many cases, the quality of customer care creates the competitive edge.

The responsibility of customer care in IT is based on the premise that whenever issues regarding a piece of technology arise – from the most trivial to the most complicated – customers are geared toward bringing the problem to technical support through the main point of contact: help desk. Essentially, the help desk department is tasked to handle day-to-day issues from customers and end-users. As a matter of efficiency, organizations strive to resolve IT issues reported by customers on first contact.

However, past scenarios in this facet of technical support would entail customers to either contact by phone or send e-mails for assistance without proof of their concerns being acknowledged. Often, customers wait through busy lines, while being routed or put on long hold. Other support departments also ask customers to "leave a message" or repeat the information all over while being dealt with by customer service representatives – all of which can result to customer frustration and poor company reputation.

Given the cost-conscious business atmosphere, companies are constantly on the lookout for a sound IT management solution that does not only trim down operational costs, but also enhance customer satisfaction and as a result, add value to the business.

Optimizing customer support, the right help desk software is able to streamline the otherwise tedious process in customer care while freeing personnel from administrative work. This IT management solution heightens customer care efficiency by keeping a record of every incident's process – including query-on-demand, incident reporting, as well as notification of stakeholders.

With service desk software, managing technical support becomes easy. Organizations need to find a powerful help desk solution with a "knowledge base" feature for user reference that can help resolve incidents in a timely fashion and make swift responses possible for reported IT incidents and issues within an infrastructure.

Help desk software can offer a wider range of customer-related services. With a more global approach to IT, help desk tools should also serve as a platform for other customer-related activities, including custom report creation and definition of workgroups.

With a single highly intuitive tool that is based on Information Technology Infrastructure Library or ITIL best practices, organizational service processes can be handled proactively and efficiently, with substantial service level improvements being achieved. Moreover, streamlined technical support and customer assistance procedures enable organizations and companies to focus on their core business.

Given these benefits, help desk software and systems have quickly risen to the top of the most popular and highly preferred customer support program. Essential for IT-dependent businesses, the right help desk tool can enhance customer satisfaction and contribute to customer loyalty.

Keeping IT customers operating to the optimum level can be successfully achieved by adopting a process-driven approach. For IT service performance with no equal, it pays to implement sound and sophisticated help desk software that exceeds expectations.

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