Okta and Service Desk SAML Integration

InvGate June 2, 2020
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In an ever changing and evolving environment such as the software industry, staying current can be a difficult challenge. In the face of oblivion – which happens to many products that become useless overnight, one of the best things you can do is stay connected and relevant in a large variety of scenarios. Enter: integrations.

As such, we’re pleased to announce our latest integration with Okta, one of the strongest identity management services on the market. 

About Okta

Feel free to visit their website to learn more about them, but in a nutshell they provide organizations with the capacity to securely manage and control their employee’s access to any device or application. In other words, they help with the authentication of users when they want access to a tool.

And now, thanks to our most recent SAML integration, they can help you and your users when logging into InvGate Service Desk. Setting up the integration is simple, and our new friends at Okta have already documented the process for everyone to consult.

What this means

If identity access management is important to you, then we seriously recommend considering Okta. SAML is a standard that allows you to pass authorization credentials to service providers, meaning that your users are able to use only one set of credentials to log into many web services. 

It’s easier and simpler for your identity access management processes to handle one login per user than handling several separate logins to email, Active Directory, and CRM software, among others.

Your first steps

Of course, first you need to get started with Okta. There are many reasons why you should consider their solutions, but here are some of the most relevant features they provide.

1. An easier access to the cloud

It’s a fact: with each passing day, most of your company’s resources are shifting to the cloud. From finances to support, from production to management, organizations are implementing dozens of mobile and cloud solutions. But when you face many applications, it’s easy to get lost, and writing down your passwords or saving them somewhere else becomes a nightmare, especially if you work with multiple devices.

A centralized identity access management solution like Okta works towards keeping the engines running without friction. Plus, digital transformation has taken a lead role in the current COVID-19 pandemic. And with most of your workforce working from home, a smooth and secure access to the cloud for your employees and customers is essential.

2. Secure experiences

As an organization moves forward and grows, so do its security concerns, regardless the industry. Being protected from a security breach becomes an increasing priority. Okta’s features strengthen each user login, while reducing the risk of password-based attacks. It’s a great relief for any company, and it also comes with the benefits of time and money saving.

3. Increased efficiency and productivity

Every organization wants to be more efficient and productive, no matter their angle or focus, right? This integration allows you to be both. When it comes to avoiding being caught with bureaucracy, automating repetitive tasks is key, freeing your workforce’s time. 

To wrap up...

With solutions as powerful as Okta’s, we could keep talking about their benefits for quite a long time. For now, we can say that we’re proud to be part of the many tools connected to Okta.

If you already work with them, then we strongly recommend you consider using InvGate Service Desk as your go-to help desk tool!

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