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InvGate October 9, 2015
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Our series on building your ITSM Dream Team has prompted some great feedback so we’ve decided to continue the conversation with a panel discussion on October 22nd!  Today we’re going to give you a preview of what to expect and we’ll shed a little light on the members of our panel too!

With each post in the series so far we’ve taken the opportunity to present what we see as some of the most important topics facing the modern ITSM operation.  Things like team building, chemistry, keeping morale high, and transferring knowledge, have all come up in our blog discussion.  With our Webinar we’d like to explore these in greater detail and introduce some other topics as well.

For the benefit of our audience, we are bringing in some expert voices that can share powerful insights and tips based on their experience.  This event will also give us a chance to field some live Q&A from the audience so if you’re experiencing any particular hiccups in your team building, definitely schedule some time to attend live.

Introducing You To Our Panel

We’ve put together a great panel of individuals who spend their days working in the service management, employee training, human resources, and recruiting spheres.  Here’s a bit of background on everyone along with ways for you to follow and connect with them on social media.   

Doug Tedder Doug Tedder


Doug is the principal of Tedder Consulting LLC, an ITSM and IT Governance consulting practice, based in Fishers, Indiana.  Doug is a strategic, innovative, and solutions-driven service management professional with over twenty five years of experience across a variety of industries.  

He is a resourceful, pragmatic, and hands-on leader with a proven track record of success implementing ITSM processes, focusing on value delivery and organizational transformation.

Doug is a Fellow in Service Management (FSM TM ), an ITIL® Expert and holds many other industry certifications.  Doug is a certified ITIL Foundation, HDI Support Center Analyst, and HDI Support Center Manager instructor.  

An active volunteer within the ITSM community, Doug is a frequent presenter at industry user group meetings, webinars, and conventions and a regular blogger. He is a member and former president of itSMF USA, as well a member of HDI.

For our panel discussion, Doug brings specific expertise on preparing the service management teams of today for the problems that they will face tomorrow.  You can follow Doug on Twitter and connect with him on LinkedIn

Simone Jo Moore Simone Jo Moore

Simone is regarded as one of the most impactful individuals in the service and support profession.  In addition to her tech industry chops and certifications which are very impressive, she excels at building better teams by focusing on the human side of human resources.  

By incorporating relationship building and skills coaching, Simone is able to eliminate a number of business barriers for service management teams.  Her uniquely artistic approach also helps organizations realize the full creative potential of the problems solvers in own their ITSM teams.  As a world traveler, Simone is constantly exposed to new ideas so she uses her voice as a writer and speaker to share her knowledge and insights with others in the industry.

In our Webinar, Simone will offer a glimpse at all of the human elements that drive the metrics that every service manager is focused on.  Not only will she provide helpful advice on team building, she’ll lay out a holistic view of ITSM that every service manager can appreciate.  You can learn much more about Simone and follow her on social media by checking out her website.

Tyson Conrad Tyson Conrad

As the baby boomer generation is in the process of retiring and slowing down their level of work, a significant segment of the U.S. population has started to transition out of the workforce.  This is especially true with vocational trades like construction so Tyson founded Goliath Construction Consulting in 2013 to help address the growing skills gap.

With the demand in his industry approaching an all time high, Tyson helps 40 of the largest electrical contractors in the U.S. to fill what are often their “mission critical” positions.  He has also built an incredible network of prime candidates over the past decade and communicates with talent on a daily basis.  As such, Tyson has a unique perspective on the needs and desires of the modern workforce.  

As a member of our our panel Tyson will highlight how company culture is one of the main deciders for job seekers right now and he’ll show you how to ensure you’re meeting the culture expectations of your team.  Training often addresses skills gaps so Tyson will provide you with tips on filling your positions of need by focusing on the personality traits that best fit the role.  You can connect with Tyson on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter too.   

Terry Siddall And Our Host, Terry Siddall

The shift that’s taking place on the direction of current ITSM products is something that drives Terry every day.  With over a decade of experience in putting together product strategies, Terry is perfectly positioned to spearhead InvGate’s market driven architecture for years to come.  

In addition to his ITSM expertise, Terry brings a history of sales leadership that focuses on outcomes and empowering the people that make those outcomes possible.  As the host of our panel discussion, Terry will pose a number of thought provoking questions to our panelists and drive the conversation.  His wish is to provide our audience with action oriented information that they can start using right away to build their own ITSM Dream Team!

Send Us Your Thoughts & Questions!

Do you have thoughts or questions on any of our topics?  If so, let us know in advance of the event on Twitter, FaceBook or LinkedIn. 

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