Implementing the Social Network Approach to Service Desk

InvGate September 22, 2011
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Today's technology affords vigorous possibilities. The power of the Internet has permeated the business arena and has opened up opportunities for enterprises worldwide. In order for large organizations to meet ever-expanding global needs, a scalable approach to IT management is a must. By implementing sound IT management solutions, companies are able to address infrastructure issues and cater to customer needs much better – while keeping these business processes streamlined.

As with any indispensable IT Management solution, a viable method of addressing efficiency issues hounding end users is the creation of a service desk. Also known as a vital point of contact between IT businesses and end-users, implementing advanced service desk software and tools define the process of essential customer care.

Essentially, the right help desk software is able to track incidents and ensure that no customer trouble gets lost. This is done by keeping it all logged in a database that users can refer to. It should also keep record of the processes involving a reported IT incident and allow it to be queried on demand.

By utilizing just one highly efficient service desk software, companies should be able to solve incidents and create custom reports out of each, while allowing for comprehensive management of diverse workgroups. A help desk can provide a simplified system central to incident management. This will ensure that the customers’ problems are addressed in a timely and effective manner.

Help desk facilitates the process of making customers constantly satisfied when their issues are addressed. The newfound appreciation for social media, however, is creating a significant shift in the way customer satisfaction is defined. Customers are inclined to expect help desks to present a level of interaction similar to how social media – now the reigning trend in businesses – does it.

Evidently, companies are now using social media platforms to communicate with users who tend to look at “social software” as a necessity. The tools that make social media click are seen to work well in service desks, especially when both share the same objective: to bring about improvements in customer service.

With business practices now geared toward adapting the social network approach, integrating this method to service desk software deployment can mean multiple benefits. The social networking approach to addressing customer needs is speeding up knowledge transfer, which consequently, makes businesses more responsive.

Social media platforms have also created a venue for businesses to demonstrate how they are able to put technologies to better use to pave the way for bigger breakthroughs. While information technology points out service issues and makes prompt and appropriate responses possible, embracing social media can be a strong contributor to help desk efficiency. In this regard, help desk tools need to keep up in the social world of networks.

Improvement of an enterprise's technical support and the significant reduction of incident response times are intricately interwoven – and made possible through state-of-the-art service desk software. With social media now the buzzword on the Internet, customer service practices and help desk performance are clearly being urged to adapt.


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