Help Desk: The Tool for Better Infrastructure Problem Solving

InvGate October 26, 2011
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In an IT business age characterized by countless and recurring infrastructure problems, keeping IT assets well maintained is a task that needs to be seriously undertaken by organizations. To meet this objective, a sound IT management solution needs to be deployed. Service desk – the focal point of communication between companies and their clients – should ensure that users are receiving the right help in a timely fashion for their reported IT problems. In this regard, comprehensive help desk software should be in place.

Some IT companies lack standardized methods of handling infrastructure and issues. Many of them provide technical support through a variety of channels that include the Web, email and phone. Often, the management, consolidation and organization of information gathered through these venues can be a highly daunting task.

An IT management solution can provide companies a cohesive way to unify issues across numerous channels, therefore support procedures are easier to document, measure and control. With help desk software processes, formal workflows are defined and enforced, with repetitive tasks streamlined as well.

An IT service desk tool should have seamless integration with the IT management ecosystem to allow companies to keep histories of every problem or issue relating to any given component of their infrastructure. With end-users reporting IT incidents to help desk, an organization is able to gather, record and analyze all queries. The information derived from help desk incident logs will reveal trends that may help companies determine infrastructure issues and decide to act upon them.

An offshoot of utilizing the right service desk software is preservation of IT infrastructure by keeping its critical and non-critical software and hardware in their optimal condition. Companies can take preventative measures, which calls for maintaining hardware periodically to avoid problems from occurring or recurring, and updating specific IT infrastructure elements.

Help desk software’s knowledge databases also help organizations take steps toward reactive maintenance of their valuable IT assets by fixing problems right after they have occurred. Taking the necessary actions help companies minimize risks, which then contributes to the continuity of their business operations.

To this end, IT organizations should turn to a service desk software package that effectively consolidates all interactions between an IT department and end-users. Companies can never go wrong with help desk software. It eases tech support management while improving service levels in a substantial manner. Notably, comprehensive help desk software that is easy and quick to implement results to controlled response times, which in turn leads to faster rates of case resolution and significant reduction in tech support expenses.

In giving emphasis to best practices for IT operations and services management, implementing help desk software solutions that are based on Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a plus. Defined by UK’s Office of Government Commerce in the 1980s, the ITIL framework helps businesses take on the right IT management solution that manages and aligns with their IT environment efficiently. This ensures uninterrupted operations without mandating organizations to implement all its framework specifications.

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