Harmony Public Schools: providing support in 58 locations with InvGate

Sabrina Pagnotta November 27, 2019

Harmony Public Schools, a system of public charter schools in the United States, faced the challenge of routing requests by customer location, in order to provide quality support in its 58 schools around Texas. Their previous tool didn’t have enough functionality nor flexibility, so they started looking for a new solution. After trialing 12 help desk tools, they chose InvGate Service Desk - and here are all the reasons why.

The initial pain points

The logistics needed at Harmony to provide good customer service in 58 locations are pretty unique. There are different support teams, different routing logics, different catalogs and even different flows. The system needs to understand when to route the request to the local team within the same school district as the customer, and when to route it to a central district, based on dozens of rules set up by the IT managers.

So Harmony needed a tool that would really adapt to their needs and use cases.

“As a school, our system of priorities, routing and communication are totally different from that of a traditional company. Ultimately, we found that many of the vendors do not understand the needs and requirements of EDU’s as well as InvGate did” - Martin Nuñez, Service Desk Manager, Harmony Public Schools.

There were other concerns as well: 

“Our concerns with other solutions evaluated revolved around pricing, interface design, complicated menus, and the simple fact that they did not fit with the level of user friendliness we required to hit our User Adoption goals” - Martin Nuñez, Service Desk Manager, Harmony Public Schools 

Harmony Public Schools faced the following problems:

  • Missed or delayed reporting of incidents – emails remained unread for months  until they were considered emergencies
  • Consequently, the requests tracked in the system were only a fourth of the real amount of requests customers submitted
  • Metrics for first contact resolution, waiting times, and response times were very low, resulting in end user and customer satisfaction issues

The decision

The team learned a great deal during the selection and implementation process. In particular, they realized that the routing system had to be perfectly clear and mapped in order to be configured in the tool, and with that, the ideal scenarios for solving certain types of requests. So the whole process became a driver to improve operational efficiency.

As a result, InvGate Service Desk is not only used in the IT Department, but also in every Department of the Harmony School District, such as Human Resources, Public Relations, Academics, and Operations, among others. They actually plan to move from 550 agents to 1200 in the short or medium term.

Fortunately, Harmony found a solution that is as powerful and customizable as it needed, enabling capabilities that grow as the organization grows. As Martin Nuñez sated, the biggest differentiator of InvGate was the level of customization offered to suit their needs, as opposed to other products where the customer has to accommodate to the tool. Your ITSM tool should ‘work for you’, not vice versa!



Click here to download the complete case study and discover:

  • What other ITSM tools they trialed and why they were discarded
  • How they improved overall operational efficiency and solved routing by location
  • To which extent did metrics for day-to-day operation improved
  • Additional best practices and lessons learned for your future IT needs

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