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The Best of the Week in ITAM

Posted by InvGate on September 11, 2015 at 2:41 PM


Happening This Week In #UX and #ITAM

Last week we started a discussion on #UXresults and we are getting some great feedback so far!  We’ll continue with that conversation but this coming week we’re also going to start talking about #ITAM, one of our other product passions.

Fresh From the Blogosphere

Here are a few recent finds in the #ITAM sphere that interested us:


Who To Follow

Here are just a few of the interesting people in ITAM that we came across this week:


“Have you considered auditing your license auditor? There are always errors”

via Piaras MacDonnell


Help us understand the issues that organisations are facing by taking part in our short Microsoft Licensing survey.. http://bit.ly/1ObFQKY

via ITAM Review


Skills gaps seem to be going around. # ITAM # SAM is experiencing the same problem

via Patricia Adams

Sunday’s Just Got a Little Better

Good news, professional football kicks off in cities throughout the U.S. this weekend!  To get you geared up for the upcoming season, here’s a quote from the late, great, Frank Gifford:

“Pro football is like nuclear warfare.  There are no winners, only survivors.”

– Frank Gifford

Enjoy your weekend!


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