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Feature Spotlight: InvGate Service Desk SCCM Integration

Posted by Sabrina Pagnotta on May 9, 2018
If you use InvGate Service Desk, you might have come across a request that was reporting an incident, service request, or change request related to an asset. Say for example, “My desktop PC is not working”, or “I need VPN access on my Lenovo laptop”. Most of the time, the assigned agent will do some research to identify the device in question, but what if it wasn’t necessary because that device is directly linked to the request? What if the agent could see its details  right there on the request and have a faster way to help the customer?
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What if InvGate didn't have InvGate?

Posted by Sabrina Pagnotta on April 11, 2018
It’s said that we should practice what we preach. And, at InvGate, we do. We develop and sell software products, but not a single day goes by without us relying on that same software for our own daily work. We use it to manage and solve the requests of our customers, as well as monitor our assets. At the same time, our customers use our software to help their customers, through fit-for-purpose tools for assets and IT support management. We provide support to thousands of people in more than 40 countries, and we’re proud of the quality of our service.
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Chesapeake Bay Academy is 'Head of the Class' with Invgate Service Desk

Posted by Allison Sapiega on February 28, 2018
Chesapeake Bay Academy, a private nonprofit school for students with learning differences, needed to improve its IT support capabilities. The school was previously reliant on emails for the notification of IT issues and requests, day-to-day management of IT support operations, and reporting. The legacy system caused problems for both IT and its customers; a fit-for-purpose ticketing system was needed. 
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ITSM 101: 8 Tips for Better SLAs

Posted by InvGate on July 27, 2017
Service level agreements, commonly known as SLAs, are – or should be – critical assets for your IT department as they set out, and agree, the basis for managing the contractual and working relationship between themselves, the service provider, and the customer – the business as a whole, discrete lines of business, or maybe even individual teams. Individual SLAs should describe what has been agreed between both parties for the service across delivery, management, measurement, and improvement. Importantly, SLAs cover accountabilities and responsibilities on both sides of the arrangement, not just those of the service provider.
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ITSM 101: Change Management Tips (Part 2)

Posted by InvGate on July 12, 2017
Last time, we published part one of our change management tips blog, which looked at how to make your change request forms easy to use, how to make your initial change sanity check count, and how to supercharge your change advisory board (CAB). In part two, i.e. this blog, we look at how to successfully manage change build and test, implementation, and change reviews. Offering tips across each.
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ITSM 101: Change Management Tips (Part 1)

Posted by InvGate on July 7, 2017
Most if not all of us know that the change management process ensures that risks are effectively managed with changes reviewed, approved, and scheduled in a sensible way; that regulatory requirements are met; and lessons learned are captured. So why are so many of us struggling to get the basics of change management right?
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ITSM 101: Knowledge Management Tips (Part 2)

Posted by InvGate on June 21, 2017
Last week, we published part one of our knowledge management tips blog, which looked at what knowledge management is as well as the Data Information Knowledge Wisdom Model. In part two, we look at the possibilities of gamification in helping with knowledge management adoption, underline the need to measure success, before outlining the benefits of knowledge management. As usual offering tips along the way. 
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ITSM 101: Knowledge Management Tips (Part 1)

Posted by InvGate on June 14, 2017
 Knowledge management is a process that can almost singlehandedly transform your IT service management (ITSM) and IT support from good to great. It can drive engagement, empower your people, speed up work and reduce incident resolution times, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce staff attrition. What’s not to love about knowledge management? This blog takes a closer look at one of our favorite ITSM processes and how people can get to grips with what is sometimes looked at too mechanically, forgetting the required attitude and behavior changes for knowledge management success.  
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ITSM 101: Incident Management Tips (Part 2)

Posted by InvGate on May 31, 2017
Last week, we published part one of our incident management tips blog, looking at the following steps in the incident management process: identification; logging; categorization; prioritization; and initial diagnosis (incident matching). Now in the second part of the blog we look at tips for incident: escalation; investigation and diagnosis; resolution and recovery; closure; and ownership, monitoring, tracking, and communications.
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